Keil C Plug-ins


    To use KEIL to develop SinOne products, it is required to install this software, which is available for SinOne SC95F, SC92F and SC93F series. You can select the SinOne MCU model as needed for IC programming, program compilation and simulation debugging, etc.

Applicable products: 

    SC95F,SC92FSC93F series MCU

Applicable tools: 


Please download and install SOC_KEIL_Setup in advance (click to download).

  Open Keil project file, click the shortcut icon “Target Option”, select “Debug” in “Target Option” interface, click “Use” and select “SOC 8051 Driver”, and then check “Run to main()”, as shown in the figure below:


  Click “Utilities” and select “SOC 8051 Driver” from “Use Target Driver for Flash Programming”, as shown in the figure below:2.2.jpeg

  Click “Settings” to enter “Programming Option Information Interface”, as shown in the figure below:


   Programming Option Information Configuration.

1)     Chip Selection: select IC name for pre-programming or simulation.

2)      Programming Setting: select automatic programming, including erasing, programming, verifying, etc.

3)     Programming Options: Set Code Option as needed.

4)     Programming Area: APROM or EEPROM.

5)     Upgrade: Upgrade the library file.

6)     Help: Version-related information.

Note: If the required IC model is not found in chip option or the corresponding model found can not be simulated, it is required to click “Upgrade” to enter the upgrade interface.

      Upgrade MCU Library: Upgrade “.socmculib” library file provided by SOC. Select  “Upgrade MCU Library”, select the library file to be upgraded, and click “Open” to complete the upgrade.

      Upgrade Firmware: Upgrade the firmware of programmer provided by SOC.

       DownLoad shortcut key

“DownLoad” will perform a series of IC operations according to programming Option configurations, not only programming code and Code Option selected , but also erasing, programming and verifying according to Programming Setting shown in the figure below.



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Title Describe Version Language Type Size Updated Download
Keil C Plug-ins V1.40 English rar 7.26MB 2024-04-07 Download
Keil C Plug-ins(ARM) V1.00 English rar 2.66MB 2023-08-01 Download