Noncontact Water Level Detection


    SinOne LB1014 Noncontact Water Level Detection Development Board is a 2-channel development board for water level detection, which is able to accurately detect the position change of water and other liquids from 2mm above the liquid level. With 4KV EFT and 6KV ESD contact capability, it has passed 3V CS test smoothly and is the first choice for electronic level detection solution. It is suitable for being applied in water dispenser, purified water dispenser, coffee maker, kettle, dishwasher, ice maker and other relevant household appliances and electronic products.

Water Level Detection Features:

· Water level detection sensor (PCB) is isolated from water

· Water level detection sensor (PCB) with its isolated housing detects the water level from 2mm above the water level

· Supporting up to 4 water levels detection

· Automatically adapt to water level detection and environment change algorithm

Schematic Diagram for Water Level Detection: 



For details, see Application Guide for SinOne LB1014 Noncontact Water Level Detection Development Board

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