Operating Conditions
l  Voltage Range : 2.0V~5.5V
l  Temperature Range : -40℃ ~ +105℃


l  ESD

n  HBM:MIL-STD-883J Class 3A

n  MM:JEDEC EIA/JESD22-A115 Class C

l  EFT

n  EN61000-4-4 Level 4

l  8-bit 1T 8051 core CMOS microcontroller, instruction set fully compatible with MCS-51

Flash ROM
l  32 Kbytes Flash ROM

n  The APROM area can be set to the range of IAP operation to 0K / 1K / 2K/all APROM through the Code Option setting item


n  Used to store the user's BootLoader boot code

n  The LDROM can be set to 0K/1K/2K/4K through the Code Option setting item


n  Independent 1K bytes EEPROM

n  100,000 times of writing, and more than 100 years of storage life at room temperature


n   Internal 256 bytes

n  1792 Bytes Indirect Access RAM (XRAM)

n  Additional 44 bytes PWM&LCD RAM

Unique ID:
l  96 bits Unique ID, which stores the unique identifier of an IC

System Clock(fSYS
l  Built-in high frequency 32MHz oscillator (fHRC)
l  The system clock frequency (fsys) of the IC can be selected and set by the programmer as: 32/16/8/2.66 MHz @2.0~5.5V
l  Frequency Error:  Across (2.0~5.5V) and (-20 ~ 85℃) application environment, the frequency error is not more than ±2%
l  The system clock can be automatically calibrated by 32.768kHz external crystal oscillator, after calibration HRC accuracy can be infinitely close to the accuracy of external 32.768kHz crystal oscillator.

Built-in low-frequency crystal oscillator circuit:
l  32.768k oscillator can be connected externally as a Base Timer clock source, and wake up STOP

Built-in low-frequency 32kHz oscillator (LRC):
l  Used as the clock source for Base Timer and WDT, and wake up STOP
l  Frequency Error:  Across (4.0~5.5V) and (-20 ~ 85℃) application environment, after the register correction frequency error is not more than ±4%

Low-voltage Reset (LVR)
l   4 options of reset voltage: 4.3/3.7/ 2.9/1.9V
l  The default value can be selected by the Code Option

Flash Programming and Emulation
l  2-wire JTAG programming and emulation interface
l  Jtag-specific mode and regular mode can be set through Code Option

Interrupts (INT)
l  Up to 12 interrupt sources including Timer0~Timer2, INT0~2, ADC, PWM, UART, SSI, Base Timer, CMP
l  External interrupt contains 3 interrupt vectors, 16 interrupt ports. All can set up rising edge, falling edge, dual edge interrupt.
l  Two-level interrupt priority capability

Digital Peripheral:
l  Up to 46 bidirectional independently controllable I/O ports

n  The pull-up resistors can be set independently

n  All I/Os have large sink current drive capability (50mA)

n  P0~P3L (P3.0/1/2/3) port source drive capability is divided into four levels

l  Built-in WDT, optional clock frequency division ratio
l  3 standard 80C51 timers :Timer0, Timer1, and Timer2. Timer2 provides the Capture function
l  4-channel 12-bit PWM
l  1 independent UART communication port
l  1 UART/SPI/TWI communication interfaces (SSI)
l  1 integrated with 16 * 16-bit hardware Multiplier-Divide Unit (MDU)

LCD/LED driver:

n  Choose one of two LCD/LED drive functions, share registers and I/O ports

n  LED driver: 8 X 24, 6 X 26, 5 X 27, or 4X 28 segments

n  LED segment port source drive capability is selectable in four levels

n  LCD driver: 8 X 24, 6 X 26, 5 X 27, or 4X 28 segments

n  SC92F7595 without LCD/LED Driver

Analog Peripheral
l  17-channel 12-bit ±2 LSB ADC

n  Built-in 1.024V, 2.4V and 2.048V reference voltages

n  The ADC reference voltages is optional: VDD, 1.024V, 2.4V, 2.048V

n  One internal channel can measure the voltage of the power supply

n  The sampling clock of the ADC circuit follows the fSYS

n  ADC conversion can be set to complete the interrupt

l  1 Analog Comparator

n  The positive input of the analog comparator can be selected as:

u  CMP0-3 One of four input ports

u  Internal 1.5V reference voltage

n  4-channel input and 1-channel reference voltage input

n  Can awaken the STOP mode

n  16-level optional comparison voltage

Power Saving Mode
l  IDLE Mode: can be woken up by any interrupt
l  STOP Mode: can be woken up by INT0~2, Base Timer, CMP.


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