95F Touch Key MCUs

     SC95F series touchkey MCU is an industry-grade Flash microcontroller with enhanced 1T 8051 core, and its instruction sets are downward compatible with standard 80C51 series. Super-high speed 1T8051 CPU core runs with the frequency up to 32MHz. Under the same working frequency, its execution speed has doubled other 1T8051; besides, internally-integrated IC hardware multiplier and divider as well double DPTR data pointer are used for speeding up the data operation and movement speed. Neither hardware multiplier nor divider occupies CPU cycle with its operation executed by hardware and the speed being dozens of times faster than that executed by software; Double DPTR data pointer can be used to accelerate data storage and movement.

     SC95F series touchkey MCU features high performance and high reliability with a wide operating voltage range of 2.0V-5.5V and ultra-wide operating temperature range of -40℃~105℃ and has a strong capacity of 6KV ESD and 4KV EFT. It adopts industry-leading eFlash process with Flash writing more than 100,000 times, which can be saved for 100 years at room temperature.

     SC95F series touchkey MCU is a built in low-power watchdog timer (WDT) with 4 levels of optional low voltage reset (LVR) function and system clock monitoring function, featuring low power consumption capability in operation and power-down mode. In power-down mode, the typical power consumption in 5V is about 2.5uA; in normal working mode, the typical value in 5V is about 5.2mA@32M.

     SC95F series touchkey MCU has the industry-leading touchkey circuit architecture, featuring high signal to noise ratio, high sensitivity, low power consumption and strong anti-interference, etc., all of which have passed 10V dynamic CS and been applied to spring buttons, touchless buttons, proximity sensing, water level detection and other touchkey applications; meanwhile, SinOne has also offered intelligent integrated development tools, which can adapt themselves to the circuit parameters, have flexible and settable sensitivity and can debug an application in 5 minutes.

     SC95F series touchkey MCU also integrates super-rich hardware resources: maximum 128 Kbytes Flash ROM, 8 Kbytes SRAM, 1 Kbytes EEPROM, built-in BootLoader; rich GPIO, multi-channel external interruption, several 16-bit timers, built-in analog comparator, 12bit complementary PWM with dead-time insertion and internal ±2% high-precision high-frequency 32/16/8/4MHz oscillator and ±4% precision low-frequency 32kHz oscillator, 32.768kHz external crystal oscillator, etc. Besides, SC95F series general purpose MCU also internally integrates 12-bit high-precision 1M high-speed ADC with 1.024V/2.048V ADC reference voltage function. So many functions are integrated in MCU, reducing the quantity of peripheral components of the system and saving the space of circuit board and system costs.

     SC95F series touchkey MCU is convenient for developing and debugging, featuring In-System Programing (ISP), In-Circuit Programing (ICP) and In-Application Programing (IAP). It is allowed to debug and upgrade the program memory directly on the circuit board even when the chip is working or powered on. 

     SC95F series touchkey MCU features excellent anti-interference performance, high reliability, large memory, multiple interfaces, low power consumption and high efficiency, which is highly suitable for applications in intelligent household appliances, industrial control, Internet of Things (IoT), medical industry, wearable devices and consumer goods, etc.

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datasheet V1.0 English PDF 2.71MB 2021-10-29 Download
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datasheet V0.1 English PDF 2.91MB 2022-04-06 Download
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SC95FXX6X_SC95FXX1XB IAP Library rar 776.56KB 2023-08-29 Download
SC95FXX6X_SC95FXX1XB CRC Library zip 368.55KB 2023-04-07 Download
The key points of the MCU PCB design of SailOne touch button MCU are introduced V1.0 English PDF 1.47MB 2023-02-02 Download
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The key points of using the 95F series TouchKey MCU products are introduced V1.0 English PDF 2.49MB 2023-02-02 Download
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